"For over 90 years, there has been a concerted and relentless effort to disparage, denigrate and obliterate the reputations, names, and brilliance of the academic artistic masters of the late 19th Century. Fueled by a cooperative press, the ruling powers have held the global art establishment in an iron grip. Equally, there was a successful effort to remove from our institutions of higher learning all the methods, techniques and knowledge of how to train skilled artists. Five centuries of critical data was nearly thrown into the trash. It is incredible how close Modernist theory, backed by an enormous network of powerful and influential art dealers, came to acquiring complete control over thousands of museums, university art departments and journalistic art criticism" http://www.artrenewal.org/articles/Philosophy/ArtScam/artscam.php

SPOHLER, family of painters

      In this folder I included paintings of Jan Jacob Spohler and his two sons.
      Jan Jacob Spohler (1811, Nederhorst den Berg – 1866, Amsterdam) was  a pupil of Jan Willem Pieneman and became a member of member the Koninklijke Academie in Amsterdam in 1845.  He is known for winter landscapes and became the father of the painters Jacob Jan Coenraad Spohler (1837 - 1923) and Johannes Franciscus Spohler  (1853-1894). He worked in Amsterdam from 1830-1839 (where he later returned and lived from 1861 onwards), Haarlem 1840-1843, Brussels 1844-1847 (and briefly again in 1853), The Hague 1848-1849, Leiden 1850-1860, and Rotterdam 1854-1855. In addition to his sons he taught the painter Willem Vester.

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